ICO Marketing Agency Malaysia

ICO Marketing Agency & PR Services

Get a high-performance digital growth team to help you smash your ICO goal.

We’re a formidable team of digital growth specialists that combine agile methodologies and growth hacking techniques to smash your ICO goal. All of the information has been gathered from “front line” experience advertising dozens of ICO projects. Every website, Telegram channel, and YouTuber have been checked and added only after careful consideration. we have a Ready-made marketing plan for advertising and promoting ICO projects.

     The marketing plan takes into account the effectiveness of channels and platforms based on our own experience.

    A full set of all the information you need to advertise an ICO: general recommendations, an advertising strategy, and a detailed marketing plan.

    The data is constantly being updated – plan is completely reworked every two months with new channels, platforms, and recommendations being added.

    If you are looking for something long lasting and organic ICO PR companies like Crowdcreate may be right for you. We target mid tier publications for a reason. They are niche, grab a lot of traffic and do not fall under as many regulations as top tier publications.