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Binary Income Plan, Australian Binary Plan, Tri Binary, Spill Over Income Plan, Matrix Plan, Board Plan, Growth Plan, custom compensation plan and many more are among the specialties of Crypto Soft Malaysia.

A complete website design and integrated services that are tailored to a smart MLM software business are offered in-house by Crypto Soft Malaysia MLM Software in Malaysia. Since we are a full-service partner, you won’t need to organize and handle the construction and upkeep of your website with other providers. Your life is made simpler as a result, and technology runs more efficiently. Our aim is to help you stand out as a fantastic MLM firm in addition to building an amazing and user-friendly website for your business.

Grow Your Direct Selling Business with Best MLM Software Development Company

The greatest network marketing software features are those that offer e-commerce solutions, greater security, customization, support for multiple languages and currencies, and other high-end features. We are industry pioneers in offering network marketing software that is precisely built to satisfy all of your business needs.

General Features

Easy to operate

Anyone with little internet experience can utilize the Crypto Soft Malaysia MLM Software because of its exceptionally user-friendly user interface. The dashboard itself provides access to all necessary features.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

The fastest, safest, and most dependable software for your MLM business is Crypto Soft Malaysia MLM Software. Using our MLM Software, users may complete their transactions much more safely.


Any sort of MLM Compensation Plan, such as Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board, Party, Hybrid, Stair Step Breakaway, or any other unique Compensation Plan, can be customized using the Crypto Soft Malaysia MLM Software.

Multi-User/ Role Management

Users can assign permission levels to users at various levels, including admin, member, operator, franchise, employee, and customer, using the multi-user/role management tool. It greatly simplifies network management.

Member Management

With the member management feature of Crypto Soft Malaysia MLM software, you can effortlessly manage every member of your MLM network. Manage user profiles, passwords, member information, options that are activated and deactivated, and much more.

Pros of the Binary MLM Plan

  • Chance to increase sales productivity.
  • Enables members to carefully manage spill over and choose new representatives.
  • Potential for rapid growth.
  • It’s simple for new hires to grasp the commission system, get involved and begin making money.
  • Inspires teamwork.
  • As more delegates join the fray, they gain.

Working of Binary MLM Plan

Because income and commissions in binary MLM networks are based on the lower-earning leg, distributors have an incentive to develop both legs and work as a team across the two legs to maximize income. When sales are split more fairly between the two legs, members may get the most out of their whole downline. If commissions were determined based on the higher-earning leg, sponsors would have no incentive to concentrate on that leg, eventually leading to a decline in recruiting and sales.

The binary MLM plan enables MLM businesses to more accurately predict commissions and incentives while also better tracking their growth. Typically, MLM companies would define a predetermined commission percentage and use that to set a commission cap for each level of distributor earnings in the pay leg.

Why Crypto Soft Malaysia’s Binary MLM Software?

The Binary MLM Plan Software from Crypto Soft Malaysia offers a web-based workstation for business administrations engaged in multi-level marketing to track customer income and spending. We offer features like holding tanks, default binary position selectors, alternative and weak leg user positions, left/right referral links, left to right or left most/right most user filling, etc. that can also be tailored to your company’s needs.

What’s our offer?

When it comes to our software solutions, including MLM software, we provide a lot of versatility. We are committed to meeting the demands of MLM enterprises operating in the modern era for a straightforward yet effective MLM software system to service their partners and members successfully.

Distributor Management

Payment Gateway Integration

E Commerce Integration

Sales Management

MLM Mobile App

Crypto Currency

MLM Web Design

Product Management

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