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With Solana blockchain development, Cryptosoft Malaysia achieves fast transactional experience for a range of DeFi and custom dApps. In an endeavor to accelerate mainstream participation of validators, we wanted a scalable consensus mechanism and Solana was just the right fit. Reach out to us and explore more about our suite of Solana dApps development portfolio.

Benefits of Solana Blockchain Development

Unlike other blockchains, Solana doesn’t have stringent requirements to become a validator. It eliminates all entry-barriers to participation and increases the chances of reaping rewards from the network.

The blockchain also has a more scalable smart contracts than Ethereum. It uses the Rust programming language that ensures faster processing.

Why choose Solana

As DeFi experiences considerable growth, Solana will be an essential differentiator in the infrastructure readiness of a network to conduct communications with other blockchains. This is a trend started by Solana that other blockchains will steadily follow.

·       Superlative Security Model

·       Trustworthy Consensus Algorithm

·       Heterogeneous Sharding

·       Scalability

·       Community Driven

·       Digital Content

·       Cross-Chaining

·       Parallel Processing

Our Solana blockchain application supports the smart contract and it can run decentralized finance operations well. Since our applications are efficiently designed and operated, it brings profit to your business. Solana is a rapidly growing blockchain technology and you can use the technology to build a successful app.

Features we offer


NFT marketplace contains a storefront that provides users with all the relevant information required to know about items.


The filter makes the navigation of the site easier. Users can select items by listing status, collection, category, and payment method.

Create listings

Users are allowed to create and submit collectibles. This feature helps them upload files and fill in information about the token.

Searching for items

NFT marketplace supports category management and tagging to enable users to search collectibles. A search bar on the site is added.


NFT marketplace platform contains a wallet that lets users send, store, and receive non-fungible tokens. The integration is simple.

Solana Dapp Development

Decentralized apps are built over the decentralized network. These decentralized networks do not have any control and they are independent. There is a huge opportunity to earn millions after you launch your Dapp. Our team is ready to develop and launch your Dapp just one step forward contact us to make your Dapp live.

Why choose Cryptosoft Malaysia as Solana Smart contract Development Company?

We offer a specialized support team that helps you with Solana Blockchain software development solutions. Our Solana platform developers are coding experts and can develop Solana Blockchain App with added features.

Being a trusted NFT development service provider, we meet your requirements in due time. At present, we have 100+ developers that are proficient in the NFT marketplace. We also provide support and maintenance post-development.

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