Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency MLM Software:

Crypto MLM Script development:

A team that understands the Multi-level marketing business and its intricacies builds the interface and the logic behind the Multi-level marketing script development. The Crypto MLM script development.

MLM Software consulting:

MLM business can be built around different products, if you are still planning to start an MLM business but need to decide which one is the right choice for you, we can help.

Machine Learning backed MLM:

Our Machine learning expertise allows us to offer Machine Learning backed MLM software development for generating forecasts, predicting expansion based on the datasets provided.

Chatbot development:

Chatbots allow your platform to be available 24×7, throughout the year. Smart conversational Chatbots offers great experience for your prospective clients and a smart knowledgebase companion.

Why is Crypto Soft Malaysia the best Cryptocurrency MLM software development company?

Crypto Soft Malaysia has developed a variety of products in different industries. We implement cutting edge technology and build software that incorporates brilliant strategies to solve and handle challenges that have been limiting the company’s growth. Crypto Soft Malaysia’s expert blockchain development team has worked on state of the art Cryptocurrency powered products ranging from cross-border payments systems to blockchain powered referral marketing platform and payouts management systems.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

In the Cryptocurrency MLM software, the cryptocurrency is the product and the payment method. Unlock the possibility of selling your own cryptocurrency through the platform.

Types of Cryptocurrency MLM software we can build for you.

The Binary MLM Platform

In a Binary MLM plan, the new members who join the network become a top level member, and people who join under them can earn benefits for the top level member and similarly they would have to join two members each to become a top-level member. The Cryptocurrency powered Binary MLM platform allows users to sell cryptocurrency to the members or allows the members to purchase the cryptocurrency from the organization selling it and use it to pay for it, thereby increasing its value as well.

Hybrid Model

The hybrid MLM plan usually consists of a couple of strategies that are used in combination to give maximum benefit to its members who signup for the network. Hybrid is ideal if you are planning to grow quickly and offer great benefits to your members.

Matrix Model

Matrix model or the forced matrix compensation plan is popular among MLM companies, imagine it in the shape of a Pyramid. The matrix model focuses on generating more revenue and benefits to people who add more members under them.

Stairstep Model

In a Stairstep model, the businesses willing to sell their product to reach an audience would have to sponsor members who will be the distributors of the product. The members would have to purchase these products up front or would be sponsored by the business. For every product sold, members get to take a commission. As they sell more, they move up the plans assigned to them based on targets (Ex: Diamond, Platinum etc)

Custom MLM plan Development

The strategies and MLM business models mentioned above are time tested, no doubt. But as the world changes, business plans, and ideas change as well. We are aware of the constantly changing landscape of the MLM business and the challenges it presents. Our team of business development executives and blockchain developers have worked with different businesses to help tackle any business challenges on priority. If you have an idea you would love to discuss, do drop us a line, we’ll get in touch with you.

How do you make money running an MLM business?

It’s quite simple. The entire success of your business depends on how many members you have and how proactive they are in helping you in adding more members to the network. Depending on your MLM plan that is mentioned above, your mode of earning changes. However, let us explain some of the way you can make money using the MLM business and how we can incorporate those in the Cryptocurrency MLM software development.


Creation of cryptocurrency is done on the ERC20 protocol. ERC-20 based tokens are fungible, meaning, the tokens can be used for transactions and can be exchanged for goods. ERC-20 tokens by nature do not hold any value unless they are equated to an asset or an equity etc. Once it is backed by an asset and more widely it is being used/accepted; the value of it increases. Depending on the use case, the Cryptocurrency itself would be the product or it could be used to purchase products within the network. The Cryptocurrency MLM software could incorporate the cryptocurrency within the platform and can be used to build product offerings within the platform.


You could accept membership fees from new members and a renewal fee for those who have already joined (probably could throw in a discount for a certain high-level tier). Membership fees could induce some commitment from the members and make sure that only serious members join the platform. The Cryptocurrency MLM software development would include Multi-tiered membership plans that work well.


Be it a physical product, digital or a financial product, the Cryptocurrency MLM software development would incorporate it and would make it easier for the members to showcase it to potential customers. We could build a product page for it and link a knowledge base so the person selling the product can refer to it as well as the customer can know what they are buying. Helping the members sell better would increase the revenue.

Why should you use a Cryptocurrency MLM software?

Using Cryptocurrency in MLM software has a lot of advantages, namely:


You can start your MLM business anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrency makes it possible to have cross-border payments with low fees.

Faster transaction

The speed of clearing funds in the traditional system takes days. Whereas using cryptocurrency, the transactions happen much faster and without hassle without going through any other middle layer banking system.

Flexibility and Transparency

Cryptocurrency offers unparalleled flexibility and transparency to any plan you choose. Transactions are visible to anyone and it creates trust among members.

Low cost

Transactions are low cost, for every cryptocurrency transaction made on the blockchain would be really low as a banks or middle men are not involved.

What are the basic features we include in the Cryptocurrency MLM Software development?

Whatever your model maybe, these are the basic features that we would develop for you as part of the software.

Payment Integration:

Accepting payments from members would be easier. Bitcoin (manual) and Stripe(automatic).

Admin Panel:

A robust admin panel that would help you manage the platform easily. Tracking things on the platform is made easy.

Marketing Suite:

Our thoughtful email and SMS marketing suite allows you to send timely communication to your members right from your dashboard.

User Panel:

Users can track their performance over a period of time, get notifications and view their payouts all in one place.

Referral module:

Referral tracking module allows members to invite new members and earn an affiliate out of it. It’s one of the proven ways to grow your network faster.

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