Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency is a trending digital currency which offer a platform to transfer the assets via peer to peer transactions securely. It rules its own, there is no third party interference. Cryptocurrency is an encrypted, decentralized and secured currency but it need to be exchange and due to this Cryptocurrency Exchange Software has come into limelight and has become the demand of the holders.

Crypto Soft Malaysia offers you the service to exchange the cryptocurrency into known currency or in the currency which you desire. It is fully authentication. The process of relieving the fund is the fastest and simple process; it worked via OTP feature to ensure security. It is the most relevant and payment gateway. You can apply for the process any time and the process will be completed in few seconds. The charges are also low on the platform. The exchange is based on fully legal service as the banks and government are also linked with this platform.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform:


The aspect of security forms the fundamental layer of the exchanges we build. We take a multi-layered approach towards implementing security and we’ve worked with some of the best Internet security researchers across the world.

Custom DDI:

Custom Data Driven Interfaces (DDI) are Unique, slick and optimized for continually updating and displaying heavy data. With great design comes great usability.

Smart Trading Algorithm:

Our SOLID trading engine, optimized to carry out efficient order matching even under heavy transactional environment. No pressure, its all in a days game.

Monetize ($):

There are multiple unnoticed monetization channels on an exchange.

Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

What is a custom Cryptocurrency Exchange and why should you build one ?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded among the users or between the administrator of the exchange who sells and buys the token from them. Based on the type of transaction they are either called a centralized cryptocurrency exchange or a Peer to Peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange like Crypto Soft Malaysia .

A custom cryptocurrency exchange is your own unique cryptocurrency trading platform that is built from the ground up or built over our existing software. It’s up to you choose . . Having a custom cryptocurrency exchange built to suit your specific needs allows you to have a greater control over the specifications you lay down and completely change the flow and user experience to the one that you Imagined. You can bring in features that you believe the exchange needs for you to have an edge over your competitors.

Many Banking and Financial institutions work with us to develop New Age Payment Gateway POC’s using Blockchains. A recent white paper we released, helps in creating Smart Contract on Auto-insurance for Driver-less Cars.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized in nature, which means there is a middleman (administrator) between the buyer and seller. The prices are set by the administrator of the site and he acts as an escrow as well. On a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange, you can trade with fiat or use another supported cryptocurrency to purchase a cryptocurrency. While building a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, we normally take into account the nuances your business, the flows that are unique to your business, security, growth hacks, and ease of use from your user’s perspective.

Centralized P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

Centralized Peer to Peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges are almost the same as centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, except the difference is that the prices are decided by buyers or sellers when they put up a request to buy/sell a cryptocurrency. Users interested in buying at the specific price or at the current market price can purchase the cryptocurrencies through the exchange. The exchange administrator is still the third party entity in the transaction as well, so they can charge a small maker/taker fee for these transactions.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

The foundation of the Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchanges usually is based on a trustless environment. Every transaction that takes place is handled by a smart contract that verifies and validates it before transferring fiat/cryptocurrency to the respective parties. Decentralized exchanges do not have a central administrator who handles or acts as an escrow for these transactions. It’s considered more secure as the exchanges do not store cryptocurrencies on them, administrator who instead till the time the cryptocurrency is sent to the buyer, it is stored in the wallet of the seller.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development:

A Cryptocurrency Wallet stores and allows the users to Pay businesses, send or receive supported cryptocurrencies through the platform. If you’re already running a eCommerce business, building a custom cryptocurrency wallet software can help extend the capabilities of your eCommerce, food delivery, ticketing etc service.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development for Trading Security Tokens:

Security Tokens are the latest and the most accepted form of investment that is trending in the crypto industry. Security Tokens are tied to real-world assets that have value and are regulated by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. Having a cryptocurrency Exchange that trades security tokens, makes it future-proof and would make your Exchange ready to catch the Security Tokens wave that is about to take off.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Margin Trading:

Margin trading enables the user to purchase crypto assets beyond their current purchase capacity and it allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency in one single session, Similar to the Margin Trading done through regular exchanges, a cryptocurrency exchange with margin trading needs a swift user interface and order matching algorithm that is time sensitive.

Margin trading often involves High-Risk and could reward your users highly. At the core of the exchange, we build is an Artificial Intelligence powered risk analysis engine that predicts and suggests the best possible crypto asset to invest in. This allows the buyer to make informed investment decisions.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Futures and options:

One of the key functionalities of trading is the provision for Futures and Options. A ‘Futures’ contract requires that the seller mandatorily honors the contract between him and the buyer which dictates that he sells the crypto assets at a predetermined price agreed upon earlier. If the price increases in the future, only the price agreed upon earlier takes precedence. Futures allows traders to earn high returns and requires a higher margin payment. However, with an Options contract, there is no guaranteed Buy / Sell commitment. A cryptocurrency exchange that accommodates Futures and Options, would employ smart contracts to process and handle these transactions as there won’t be any middlemen handling them. These contracts need to be solid and only then would the entire exchange operate flawlessly.

Our Process

Building a cryptocurrency exchange requires a thorough knowledge of the functionalities, security measures (Know more about the 37+ Fort Knox grade security measures we build into your exchange here), a unique user experience that doesn’t resemble the ones that are already there. As mentioned earlier, Crypto Soft Malaysia can help your exchange tap into these additional revenue channels that normally go unutilized.

A team of Experienced blockchain developers who have worked on 50+ AI prediction & trading engines, and cryptocurrency exchanges, Worldwide.

  • 100% unencrypted source code.
  • Robust API layer that would allow you or anyone to build modules in the future
  • Modern Technology stack that is proven to perform
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Clear-cut workflow

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